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The mission of Echo Hawk Consulting is to help to create new platforms, narratives, strategies and investment that can help to catalyze transformational change for and by Native Americans. It partners with Native American, philanthropic and diverse multi-sector partners to move hearts and minds, and drive institutional, policy and culture change. Through Echo Hawk Consulting’s robust and respected roster of Native American thought leaders and extensive networks in philanthropy, policy, popular culture and social justice, we help to amplify Indigenous voices, knowledge, and innovation and connect them with strategic partnerships to create opportunities for impact and social justice. Echo Hawk Consulting advises clients on philanthropic strategies, narrative change, research, strategic partnerships and policy change within Indian Country. Its founder Crystal Echo Hawk, was recently recognized by the National Center for American Indian Economic Development as its 2018 “Native American Woman Business Owner of the Year.”

Echo Hawk Consulting recently co-led Reclaiming Native Truth: A Project to Dispel America’s Myths and Misconceptions, a 2-year narrative change initiative.  The project conducted unprecedented public opinion and influencer research, message testing and multi-sector outreach and organizing in order to inform the development of narrative and culture strategies to tackle misconceptions, stereotypes, and the invisibility of Native Peoples within popular culture, institutions and society. Ultimately, the project will drive a multi-year campaign that will catalyze a shift in public perceptions and discourse with strategic audiences regarding Native Americans that can support social justice and catalyze lasting policy and culture change. Echo Hawk Consulting has played a key role in Reclaiming Native Truth including being responsible for the original project design, co-management, building strategic partnerships and a significant portion of the $3.2 million invested to support the project’s activities from foundations, tribes and individual donors.

Echo Hawk Consulting believes in the power of Native-led solutions, innovation and the endless opportunities for partnerships and impact in Indian Country that can lead to social justice and transformational change. Our extensive team of Native American experts and collaborators stand ready to work with our clients to help them achieve their vision for change.

Echohawk Consulting


Founded: 2014


Areas of expertise:

Native Americans, Nonprofit Management, Grantmaking, Fundraising, Native-Focused Policy Analysis, Childhood Obesity Prevention, Sports Philanthropy, Marketing, Communications, Strategic Planning and Strategic Partnerships.
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