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Issue Areas of Focus

Echo Hawk Consulting, both through the 20 years of experience by Principal Crystal Echo Hawk and access to a prominent roster of respected experts in the following fields, can deliver unique and unparalleled services and expertise to Echo Hawk Consulting clients. Fields of expertise include:

  • Narrative change;
  • Philanthropy;
  • Native American nonprofits;
  • Native American food systems, nutrition and health;
  • Indigenous Early Childhood Development;
  • Tribal Sovereignty & Tribal Relations;
  • Native American Community Development;
  • Indigenous Evaluation;
  • Leadership Development; and
  • Branding, Marketing and Communications

Echo Hawk Consulting’s Services include:

Narrative Change

  • Strategy development: we work to help organizations and communities to harness the power of storytelling and narratives to inspire action and create positive social change.
  • Trainings: We provide trainings to Native American nonprofits, activists, youth communities and allies on creating new positive, empowering, accurate narratives about Native peoples and the issues most important to them.
  • Speakers Bureau: We connect clients looking for Native American content experts and speakers on a variety of issue areas and topics

Charitable Giving and Grantmaking

  • Strategy development and/or reassessment of charitable giving programs with specialized expertise in grantmaking for Native American, health and wellness, youth development and social justice issues
  • Issue area research and environmental scans
  • Building a grants portfolio that reflects and reinforces values and interests of the donor
  • Grant review
  • Project implementation or launch of new programs, campaigns, special events or other initiative to maximize philanthropic impact
  • Evaluation of grantees and/or programs
  • Development and management of grantee cohorts
  • Convenings
  • Public relations strategy development in tandem with strategic grantmaking to enhance and strengthen the brand of tribal or corporate donors

Strategic Partnership Development

  • Assisting foundations, nonprofits, philanthropists and businesses in identifying and building relationships with tribes and Native nonprofit organizations for business development and philanthropic projects

Native-Focused Policy Analysis and Development

  • Assisting Native and non-Native organizations with policy analysis and policy development goals to ensure that tribes and Native communities are appropriately included in policy considerations that can affect positive change to improve the health and well-being of Native American peoples

Program Design

  • Planning and development of programs with specialized expertise that includes: narrative change; Native food systems, nutrition and health; Indigenous early childhood development; language and culture revitalization; and leadership and community development programs
  • Leveraging impact and results
  • Youth and community engagement strategies
  • Sustainability planning
  • Evaluation

Marketing and Communications

  • Marketing and communications strategy development
  • Project development and management of website design, reports, marketing materials and digital storytelling
  • Strategic positioning, partnership and collaboration opportunities within the public and private sectors and Indian Country
  • Organizing and facilitating convenings around targeted goals and issues among diverse stakeholders to build consensus and achieve desired outcomes

Organizational Development

  • Establishment or re-assessment of mission and focus areas
  • Board development and training
  • Strategic planning
  • Meeting facilitation

Sports Marketing and Events

  • Ability to connect and provide nonprofit, for-profit entities and tribes with world class and turn key expertise in sports marketing and event design and management to ensure successful ROI of all marketing, event, sponsorship and philanthropic goals.